One-On-One Pilates

Your Pilates session is not only going to challenge you on the Pilates equipment, but it will also include body weight training (using your own bodyweight as resistance), strength training and flexibility work, just like you would encounter with any good personal trainer. Your Pilates instructor will also infuse some cardio elements into your session as well, whether it’s by using the Jump Board or taking you through some general calisthenics off the equipment to elevate that heart rate and give you a well rounded session that’s full body and brings together cardio, strength training and conditioning, and flexibility.

Private Pilates Packages

starting at $790 (10 Packs)
  • Private Pilates sessions allow your instructor to completely focus on your individual form and your individual needs. The more you buy, the more you save.

Duet Pilates Packages (2 People)

$150 (1 Session) | $1200 (10 Sessions)
  • Duet Pilates Packages for 2 People