My Mini Me

August 3, 2022
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August 3, 2022 PPCCadmin

Something weird has happened these last few months. I realized that I am in my forties. Now, I know that sounds weird because I tell people my real age all the time. It’s kinda my battle scar and I love to show it off! But what I mean is…I met my mini me. She’s blonde, tiny, sassy, and she’s twenty-one. TWENTY-ONE!!!!! She is over twenty years younger than me! And I can’t help but think…how is that even possible?! I still feel like I’m in my twenty’s myself. A much more confident twenty. But still…when I was in my twenties? Forties seemed forever away. And they also sounded old. Now that I’m there…I feel like life has just begun! I have FINALLY stepped into myself! And it’s been an exciting time in life. I have a growing business and some really cool new projects. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this motivated with work!

I have always been about empowering other women. So, when I met my mini me, I was so excited! I’ve been learning a lot. Like how much I don’t know about social media. She’s helping me to learn the trends. I don’t really care to get into one more social media thing, so I love just passing it off to her! It’s such a great strength of hers, why wouldn’t I hand it off?! The biggest thing I’ve learned since becoming an adult? When someone does something better than you? You ride their coat tails! Because I guarantee you? You do something better than them. And together? You’re a power force! And if you add a few more of those to your team? You’re unstoppable!

Now there are a lot of differences people love to point out between someone in their 20’s and someone in their 40’s. It’s very true. Life experiences help us to grow and definitely change us. But it’s funny how many experiences we share. The same struggles that I have finding a quality man, plague twenty-year olds. The same insecure men try to bring down us strong women. The difference in your 20’s and possibly 30’s though, as opposed to my forties. I’m out a lot faster and I definitely have learned you cannot change anybody. People always told me that, but I didn’t believe it! Why would I? I knew everything in my twenties! But for the most part, we women tend to experience the same crap, just a different day! Or different year.

I’m very excited to be on this journey with my mini me as she enters this amazing time in life where the world is her oyster! Her options are unending, and life is so exciting! I’m excited to be able to watch and mentor her wherever she needs me and to encourage her through the times in life where when you’re younger? You don’t know if you will survive. If you’re more experienced in age, I hope more people consider taking on someone in the younger generation. It keeps life fresh and fun! Need help finding a mentor or mentee? I bet I can help!

Make sure to follow us on all of our social media and also listen to our blog, Unapologetically Me. I’m adding my mini me to give things a bit more spice! And you’ll get to know both of us a bit better! It’s going to be so much fun! Don’t miss out! We are making some major changes at Pilates Plus and I’m excited to have as many people a part of this journey as we can!

Namaste everyone!