Let’s Keep Moving!

August 3, 2022
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August 3, 2022 PPCCadmin

The word “Moving” keeps coming up while we are in the process of, well, moving! Imagine the concept of moving lighting up a fitness instructors mind!?!?! Moving can be used in so many forms. Move your body. Move your business. Make a move in a game. And so much more. Moving right along…Right now, let’s talk about moving forward.

Yesterday I was able to hike my first fourteener of the year. As usual, it was absolutely amazing! Mt Evans did not disappoint, but it definitely was not easy. I have never started a hike right away in boulders! To the point where there really is no clearing. And my friend was with me who had never hiked a 14er and I put her right on out there! This was more than hiking. This was rock climbing, lots of scrambles and scree as well. While she’ll tell you I tried to kill her, I in fact, did not lol. She cussed at me a ton and threatened to end our friendship. Which just made me laugh of course. Because I know the exhilaration of saying that you’ve hiked a fourteener. And the exhilaration of being at the very top of a mountain. It’s unlike anything else. There are a mixture of so many emotions that run through a person at the end of a fourteener. You really realize just how strong you are. You realize that if you can make it to the top of that peak? You can literally do anything. There is absolutely nothing easy about climbing a fourteener. And there is absolutely no easy 14er.

I didn’t realize quite how afraid of heights my friend was when we started on our journey. This wasn’t the normal just looking down fear of heights. Granted we were high up, but there wasn’t a sheer drop. Sheer drops scare the crap outta me. Any of those hikes? I’m out. When there’s a huge risk of death? I’m also out. I do not like the idea of depending on a small piece of rope where chances are high that I will plummet to my death. If you find me dead falling off a cliff? Most likely I was pushed. I hate heights that much. But my friend is one step further than me in the fear department. She did amazing! But it was a very slow process with a lot of encouraging and the help of strangers. There was a lot of me yelling “STOP LOOKING BACK! JUST KEEP MOVING FORWARD!”

I watched as she fearfully put one foot in front of the other, cussing loudly at me with each step. I also watched as she kept looking down in fear. One of the keys to climbing is to never look down! Our new friends called me a mountain goat at one point because I have learned the art to climbing. Number one? I’ll repeat! Do not look down! Second, you must test the rocks before you step. Many are not steady and that’s when falls happen. You also must brace your feet above and below the boulders. This is what happens when you have been climbing for 10 years! YIKES! You definitely learn the tricks. But most importantly? Keep moving forward!

Don’t look back! Always move forward. We are told this all the time in regards to how we live our life as well. And there’s a reason why. The things behind us? The things that we are looking for to help us feel safer? They are in the past for a reason. They are behind us because they didn’t suit us. And most likely still don’t suit our lives now. And I am one who has spent far too much time looking back. I still do. Except when I am on the mountain. That’s where it’s easy for me. So, my question is, how do I apply what I have learned on the mountain to things in my life that I still feel are better for me than my current situation and what is ahead of me in the future? How do I stop looking back at past mistakes and past regrets?

I’m still learning! But I do ask myself…why are we so obsessed with looking back on the all the “coulda, woulda, shouldas”? All I can think is that is because we get caught in the good moments we had in those memories. We let go of the bad stuff and the reasons we have left all of that in the past. Or should be leaving it in the past. We don’t trust that the Universe has WAY bigger plans for us. But it requires patience. It requires faith and believing that we are destined for something greater. Something bigger. It requires letting go of control. And for us middle of the road type A’s? That’s nearly impossible! Especially when we must rely on other people for anything at all. Control. Releasing it is oh so hard.

So for us control freaks? How do we let go of the past (which right now? We have control of repeating daily in our minds and trying to fix) to moving forward? Things for me include exercising. Whether it’s hard core like hiking, Piloxing, or Barre or my Pilates and Yoga, exercise does save me. Because it literally is one of those places you just cannot think. On the mountain? As you are placing one foot in front of the other, making sure you have secure ground? There is nothing to think about but the present moment. And if you are thinking of anything but the present moment you are in? There can be some major repercussions. So you do train your brain in these situations to focus. Again? Another reason I love 14er’s. I have to stay in the moment. My life depends on it. Literally.

To continue moving forward in life we have to find less dangerous situations to figure out how to live in and love the moments we are in. We must find things that fully absorb us. I love my company! And when I’m in the moment? It’s game on! But on bad days? Bad days I need to step away, breathe and re-boot so I can get back in the moment. Dancing? I’m in the moment. If I’m not? I’m either getting my feet stepped on or I’m falling. Yoga. In the moment. Pilates. In the moment. Hiking. IN THE MOMENT.

What helps you keep moving in the moment? Since Covid, many of us have given up those passions that have kept us in the moment. But I’m telling you…now is the time to re-engage! Pick those passions and back up, grab the moment by the hands and say, “LETS KEEP MOVING!”